Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fashionable March

The street is still snow, subzero temperatures, but you already feel the approach of spring? Let's take a look at our wardrobe - what kind of clothes for all its lightness will not freeze, what jewelry, according to the magazine about natural stones Prevesti , always raise your spirits. What to buy and what to wear - in our review.
Fashionable March
The image number 1 "Money in the hole." While the frost did not retreat, to throw off "skin" soon. Affectionate hug fur delights of Isabel Marant suitable even for those fashionable women who are planning to find out whether North endless. A leopard dress - the best way to show that you are aware of fashion trends. Print will give you a passionate and independent nature, and a stylish bracelet with pebbles of quartz - a vivid personality.

The image number 2 "Formula temptation." Are used to attract attention, to seek their own, and love when listening to your words? You should try streaming a translucent top attraction in a solid color and restrained coat of fluffy fox fur by Isabel Marant. It is much louder than words. Luxurious ring with cat eye is the right complement.

The image number 3, "Romantic Classics". The strict black and white outfits promise to be a real sensation of the season. Blouse or shirt, trousers or skirt, scarf or light shawl from Isabel Marant - the choice is yours. However it is better to prefer romantic cut, but the accessories can not be weak. Laconic onyx bracelet - perfect.

The image number 4 "male gaze". This season, fashion girls poses an important challenge: to learn to wear men's stuff, while remaining feminine. In the men's jacket with shoulder, wide trousers, blouse and spicy fanciful bracelet with moon stones make this a breeze.

Fashionable March
The image number 5 "Russian fairy tale." Style "a la Russe" is extremely popular today. A case in point is a collection of brand Kenzo, for which the "Russian theme" was the key to this season. The terms saturated with images of Russian spirit - warm jersey, Orenburg downy shawls, hats with earflaps, skilled embroidery and decoration, and indeed outfits by Kenzo noticeably reminiscent of the tradition of the Russian countryside. However, the simple lines of a cut offset by the wealth of natural fabrics and original ornaments. Luxurious tweed coat, no less warm clothes - it is a choice, not only those who love the convenience and comfort, but the main mast-hev fashionistas "big city". As for decorations, then there should give preference to a modest stone ring with immodest. For example, with a sapphire.

The image number 6, "Jack Frost". Brutal black leather, rivets, pins and other paraphernalia rocker is best left to one side. Today, fashion trends require women to be gentle. Soft jersey, candy-pink color, touching frills, ruffles and bows - as an adult, you should not cease to play. Only now is not your toy dolls, and men's hearts. Super universal thing for Kenzo is a sweater dress. A soft scarf will add to your way of innocence, that will not leave without attention to the opposite sex. Well, you can decorate your wrist erotic stylish amethyst bracelet.

The image number 7, "Vasilisa the Wise." I wonder what is hidden. Therefore, a modest turtleneck and skirt below the knee, no less intriguing than the dress with a deep neckline. Add zest to help the rich color of lapis lazuli bracelet.

The image number 8 "Alyonushka." White is all, refreshing and perfectly emphasizes the porcelain face. To acquire at least one white thing every fashionista must. Skillful embroidery and bright finish of warm knitted sundress by Kenzo looks good in the company of a beautiful ring with sparkling stones rhodolite and zircon.

Fashionable March
The image number 9 "juicy berry." The bright crimson dresses Emanuel Ungaro certainly attracts the eye. Yes, and an attractive skin, from which developed insulation jacket has long earned the title of the main material of autumn-winter season. And with the gorgeous ring in rodolitovyh "sparks" it is simply impossible to remain unnoticed.

The image of the number 10 "All shades of passion." Emanuel Ungaro clearly confirms that one of the hottest trends today is the purple color and its shades. Fragrant caress the ear and mouth-watering names of colors: pink, purple, violet, blackberry, raspberry, plum. Catchy dress warm jersey can be worn with tight tights. Decorate erotic cleavage glamorous necklace with amethysts and dividends in the form of increased male attention will follow immediately. Because amethyst - a stone of passion and the strong sex works perfectly.

The image number 11, "Back to the Future." Combine bright things with each other - not an easy task. But deal with it you are quite capable. The main thing - to show courage and imagination. As a reward you would get the admiring glances of passersby. The combination of cool blue and purple flowers is extremely relevant today. The fitted silhouette and soft draping dresses that emphasize and hide all that is needed, tweed coat, as if shot with a princess from the "Star Wars", exquisite earrings with breathtaking charoits. All this looks very stylish.

The image number 12, "Business woman of fashion." Grey classic business suit, take a look trendy designer Emanuel Ungaro, a bright top and aristocratic ring with sapphirine - this is the kit, in which it is impossible not to be in the spotlight. Modern, feminine, audacious - it is beautiful.

Do you think high style requires a high cost? Not at all. To dress a truly stylish, you need both - good taste, common sense and a little imagination. And yet - the Internet, to order the most beautiful jewelry at the most competitive prices.

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