Monday, 27 February 2012

Fashion on Peak - Fur Accessories

What could be nicer and softer fur - so decided to fashion designers, accessories, and so the details of fur garments in the coming season will be relevant as ever. And it is not necessary to buy an expensive mink coat - this is a list of "gizmos" that will make you fashionable and accentuate your style.

Perhaps the most original new product will be fur collars or sleeves. You will notice that in their presence any thing takes on a whole new, unusual sound. Take into account other popular with designers finishes fur. For example, a dress-box will look quite different, complete with boas, and if the boa will complement the ensemble of sweaters and jeans, the lack of originality, you are sure you no blame. A few bright ideas - socks and shoes with fur, fur trim on the skirts of dresses and skirts, etc.

Fur boots headphones and can not be called a novelty of the season, but they returned again and again in fashion, so these accessories can already be considered classics. They save you from the winter cold, and even add to your image of the original features - a little enthusiasm and ease. Just choose a fur boots headphones and eye-catching colors, then success is guaranteed!

Another fashion item this autumn - warm and cozy fur vests. astrakhan or fox, wolf or a sheepskin from - to create trendy image will suit a variety of mechanisms. New trends are considered in two directions. The first - sort of country-style, where jackets are made ​​deliberately simple and even rude, that looks very unusual and feminine. Second - Vest "on the lynx." The fact that the lynx fur is highly valued and is used mainly for decoration, so the fox fur vest, painted under the trot, will look quite expensive for a reasonable cost.

A good company will make a fur jackets, fur skirt. This is for those who do not just go with the fashion in the leg, but also ahead of her. Of course, in such a venture to buy, not every woman of fashion, but certainly will not lose: fur skirt - an unusual and catchy piece wardrobe.

Fur Scarves this season amaze with their variety. Here and neat, elegant mink scarves are small, and lush, luxurious fox scarves, and long (several meters) of fine sable scarves. In general, stocked fur scarves of any shape and length, as it is expressive and practical, while the autumn-winter accessory.
Fur Accessories
Gloves and bags are also not lagging behind fashion and has embellished the fur trim. most glamorous option - gloves with fur cuffs, complementing a dress with short sleeves. Current alternative gloves - fur muff that will warm your hands and at the same time give the image a certain identity.

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