Most Attractive Birds

  • Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris)

    The male Painted Bunting is often described as the most beautiful bird in North America. Its beautiful colors, dark blue head, green back, red rump and underparts, make it easy to identify.
  • Keel-billed Toucans (Ramphastos sulfuratus)

    This bird is the national bird of Belize. Toucans belong to family Ramphastidae
    They are brightly marked and have large, colorful bills. It is also known as Sulfur-breasted Toucan, Rainbow-billed Toucan, and colloquially “the bill bird” (though this might refer to any toucan). It is a colorful South American bird with a large bill.
  • Rainbow Lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus)

    The Rainbow Lorikeet is very colorful as its name suggests. Almost every color of the rainbow is found on the feathers of the rainbow lorikeet. Captive lorikeets have a long lifespan, often in excess of 20 years.
  • Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)

    The Scarlet Macaw is a large, colorful parrot. It is native to humid evergreen forests in the American tropics, from extreme eastern Mexico locally to Amazonian Peru and Brazil. It’s the national bird of Honduras.
  • Stork-billed Kingfisher (Pelargopsis capensis)

    This is a stork-billed kingfisher from South India. Stork-billed kingfisher is a tree kingfisher which is widely but sparsely distributed in tropical south Asia from India and Sri Lanka to Indonesia.
  • Peafowl or Peacock (Pavo)

    Peafowl, a large bird of the pheasant family, is among the most colorful of birds. Asian peacocks have long been domesticated. The males are noted for their display of brilliant plumage. To attract attention, during courtship and at other times, the male lifts the train and spreads it out in a fan that arches over the bird’s back and touches the ground on either

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