Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Google doodle :doodle on leap day and Italian composer Gioachino Rossini's 220th birthday

For a day that comes rarely to the calendar, Google has doodled a rare two-in-one doodle that commemorates not only the leap day but also the 220th birth anniversary of the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini.
Since the leap years and leap days are usually associated with frogs, the leaping ambhibians, the Google doodle on February 29 has a number of frogs, all four of them.
The doodle is inspired by Gioachino Antonio Rossini's famous 1816 comic opera The Barber of Seville (Il barbiere di Siviglia), one of the most performed operas. Of the four frogs in the scene, one is at the piano and the soprano is the only one leaping. The barber frog is Figaro and the frog getting a shave is Count Almaviva (Characters created by French playright Pierre Beaumarchais and The Barber of Seville is one of the three Figaro plays penned by him).
Google doodles frogs on leap day and Italian composer Gioachino Rossini

Monday, 27 February 2012

Fashion on Peak - Fur Accessories

What could be nicer and softer fur - so decided to fashion designers, accessories, and so the details of fur garments in the coming season will be relevant as ever. And it is not necessary to buy an expensive mink coat - this is a list of "gizmos" that will make you fashionable and accentuate your style.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fashionable March

The street is still snow, subzero temperatures, but you already feel the approach of spring? Let's take a look at our wardrobe - what kind of clothes for all its lightness will not freeze, what jewelry, according to the magazine about natural stones Prevesti , always raise your spirits. What to buy and what to wear - in our review.
Fashionable March

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Fashionable Fur 2012

Prepare sledge in summer and buy a fur coat ... in the fall. This is the approach now is the right - the price of fur coats even at a minimal level, and the new collection of fur coats winter 2011-2012 is in the shops. But before you go to choose a new furry beauty, we learn what we are advised to fashion designers - so fashion trends for winter 2011-2012 season coats, forward, in the studio.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nail art

The art to create true works on the nail with the help of special techniques, tools and materials has been called "nail art". A masterpiece at your fingertips is a true delight any woman.Thanks to a straightforward science your nails can become the center of attention and admiration.With that, like every skill available in the presence of desire, enthusiasm, imagination and a little patience.Consider the basic types of designs in 2012.

Nail Art Designs of 2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Heinrich Rudolph Hertz was born on February 22, 1857, in a well-to-do family in Hamburg, Germany. His parents began his education with the intention of shaping his career in architecture and engineering. But soon they realized his interest in pure science and research. He was a curious child with a habit of observing and learning about new ideas and things. Heinrich joined Berlin University, where a person of rare intelligence, versatility and multifaceted personality – Professor Hermann Von Helmholtz, taught various subjects like physiology, anatomy, physics and mathematics.

Eva Longoria Parker Eva Longoria Parker Eva Longoria Parker Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker was born on 15 March 1975 in the city of Corpus Christi, located in the southern part of the Texas Gulf Coast.The youngest of four sisters in the family, she spent her childhood and youth on the ranch. The first film that she looked as a child, was "Rambo" Explosions, gunfire on the screen.For a while the girl was convinced that the only show in the movie war.

Eva Longoria Parker

Monday, 20 February 2012

3D Tattoo Design

3D Tattoo Designs, 3D Tattoos, 3D Tattoo, and I blame that movie Avatar for this hub. I was at the cinema watchin Avatar, ya know with moi 3d glasses on and jeeez in one scene I actually thought the characters foot was in my face. Until I realised it was a teenagers foot who was sitting behind me. " Oi get yer damn foot out of my face you young bugger " I said nervously.
His girlfriend told me go get stuffed and I looked at her, she was about 17, wearing a pink lyrca tracksuit, baseball cap, pregnant belly puffin a ciggy with a t-shirt sayin " You Wish "
Anyways I just ignored em and enjoyed the movie, twas such a sad ending, oopppps don't wanna spoil the endin for ya. Anyways today I have wat methinks is moi best Tattoo Hub yet, tis my Avatar Hub, tis my 3D Tattoo Designs and I brings ya like loads of cracking 3d tattoo designs plus a video at the end. Doncha just hate peeps that feed loads of popcorn into their faces at the cinema, like do they not eat at home. Oh and if that lil cow in the pink tracksuit is watching, " I hope ya have twins !! "
Get Your Dream Tattoo in 3 Easy Steps By Clicking  
Now this is one hell of an amazin 3d tattoo to start off with, just you keep an eye on it !
A 3d tattoo design with a real sting in the tail, ya gotta be lovin this amazin scorpion tattoo.
You decide which of these two 3d tattoos ya prefer, moi, I likes that green lizard, kinda am a reptile fan.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

black mamba attacking black mamba attacking black mamba attacking black mamba attacking

The black mamba is a legendary snake that is much more well known for myth than fact. There are many "facts" about the black mamba that are actually African myths that have been passed down. Ironically, the truth about
the black mamba is just as amazing as some of these myths. This article is to clear up some of the unusual facts about this amazing reptile.
Black mamba myth number one - A black mamba will attack you on sight and chase you down. The truth is, the black mamba will avoid humans at any cost. If they hear you coming, they will do all they can to get as far from you as possible. The black mamba will attack if it feels cornered, however, and it will attack with gusto. This snake is armed with speed, agility, and venom that is second to no snake as a package. When it strikes, it will strike repeatedly. One bite is enough to kill you if you do not get medical attention.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ashlee Simpson new hairstlye

Ashlee Simpson new hairstlye

Ashlee Simpson is the world famous Actress..Ashlee Simpson ia also famous for his own unique hairstyle in Showbiz industry.Ashlee hairstyle very different form the other Actresses.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Jessica Alba Hairstyle

Jessica Alba Hairstyle
Jessica Alba is an American TV and Film Actress.Mostly act in Movies.There are somepics of new hairstyle

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Wallpaper 2012 - Origin of Valentines's Day

People accept been in adulation from time immemorial. It would be biased to accredit any accurate history and agent to adulation and the animosity that appear with it. But Valentine's Day, the day which celebrates adulation worldwide, abiding has a history and agent of its own. February is historically alleged to be the ages of adulation and affair and the ages to bless Valentine's Day. Can you possibly discount the deluge of love-drenched feelings, the dank beginning of 'being in love' and the pervasion of the blush red all about back the agenda turns to the ages of February? No. None of us can! For, the one affair that's accordingly affiliated to the ages of February is Valentine's Day--the best coveted anniversary afterwards Christmas and a day kept abreast to let adulation aphorism everywhere. Appear what may, the advertising and activity surrounding Valentine's Day never goes unnoticed, no amount which allotment of the apple you are placed in! And Valentine's Day incidentally is the 2nd bigger card-sending occasion, afterwards Christmas.

Valentine's Day has caliginosity of both the Christian and Roman traditions. Acclaimed abundantly on February 14 every year, some accept that Valentine's Day has its history and agent in the age-old Roman anniversary of Lupercalia. The closing was an anniversary feasting and anniversary by the Romans to accumulate aflutter wolves at bay from damaging their crops. Lupercalia was acclaimed on February 15 with the adolescent men arresting the women because it was believed that these assault would accomplish them added fertile. This affiliation of Lupercalia with abundance is apparently one acumen why Valentine's Day is affiliated to this age-old Roman festival. Also, on the eve of Lupercalia, which is on February 14, it was absolutely accepted for adolescent women to acquisition their ally for the festival. The adventurous agent of Valentine's Day can alike be traced to this practice.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine's Day Blogger Crush

In honor of Valentine's Day coming up, ModCloth invited a few bloggers to choose their blogger crush and to spread some love by sending them a cute dress for the holiday! I chose Katy of Kansas Couture. She's been an amazing friend and fellow Delightful Dozener! Her blog is always inspiring and I love the fun + quirky outfits she puts together. I picked the Fancy Dancey Dress because I loved the fitted, romantic feel. It would be perfect for a date night out. Be sure to check out Katy's blog, Kansas Couture + shop the dress here!

Saturday, 11 February 2012


above and below are two cards by talented illustrator se

Valentine's Day cheeseboard

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to make a cheeseboard to celebrate. Normally I always see cheeseboards out around the winter holidays, but I think it's perfect for Valentine's Day! One thing I love about cheese is how you can pair it with so many complimentary items. Valentine's Day is about love, and since a traditional gift is chocolates, I thought it would be fun to make a cheeseboard paired with sweet, as opposed to savory, items. I partnered with Wisconsin Cheese to show how three of their cheeses could be used to make a delicious spread!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Most Expensive Movies of the World

Pirates of Caribbean (At World’s End)
Pirates of Caribbean ( At World’s End) was third film from Pirates of carribean series,it is believed to be the most expensive movie ever in cinema history having production budget of about $ 316.6 Million ; Pirates of Carribean ( At World’s end ) was produced by Jerry Bruckherner, starring Johnny Depp,Orlando Bloom,Keira Knightly etc.

Super Bowl 2012 in Pictures

The Giants previously beat the Patriots in the 2008 contest. Inspired by their dynamic quarterback Eli Manning, the Giants erased an eight-point third-quarter deficit to steal the victory with a last-minute touchdown from Ahmad Bradshaw in a stunning repeat of their last Super Bowl win, also against the Patriots, four years ago.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Charles Dickens: first pop culture celebrity

Charles Dickens (Taniya Johnson illustration/Chronicle)
Colorful caricatures from Charles Dickens’ novels have become fixtures of our 21st-century imagination.
There is the cunning Artful Dodger, Oliver Twist’s swaggering pickpocket; David Copperfield’s Uriah Heep, that creepy paragon of villainy; and Great Expectations’ vengeful Mrs. Havisham, the delusional spinster. And don’t forget Mrs. Jellyby, the do-gooder from Bleak House who is so intent on saving Africa, she neglects her own children.
These satiric creations are as varied as Dickens’ own restless appetites. He was a theater lover and would-be actor, political reporter, avid reformer, philanthropist, and father of 10. On the eve of his 200th birthday, his cachet among critics and scholars has never been greater.
The author of 16 major novels over four decades was the first pop-culture celebrity, says Natalie Mc-Knight, professor of humanities and Victorian literature at Boston University and co-editor of Dickens Studies Annual. “People tried to get access to Dickens’ hotel room when he was in Boston in 1842. He was stalked, and reportedly fans tried to grab handfuls of fur from his coat when he was out in public.”

Katherine McPhee

Katherine McPhee was born on 25 March 1984, in Los Angeles, USA.Katherine McPhee married businessman Nick cotangent in the 2008 year.In 2006 she took part in the hugely popular show in North America "American Idol", took second place.It is from this point launch a musical career is measured McPhee her vocal and other data are very interested producers.Having signed a recording contract with "Sony BMG's RCA Records", a singer in July 2006, released his first two singles: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "My Destiny", which for many weeks of participation in the charts in the U.S. and Canada reached the top lines.

Katherine McPhee Hairstyles

Friday, 3 February 2012

Luxury Accessories 2012

These Gold charm bracelets are super easy to wear. They’re elegant yet gothic. They’re made in bronze and plated in 22k yellow gold. Looks great on both girls and boys.These bracelet also comes in silver, rose gold plating and black oxidized.The colour of the string can be chosen by you to make it more personal.