Saturday, 25 February 2012

Fashionable Fur 2012

Prepare sledge in summer and buy a fur coat ... in the fall. This is the approach now is the right - the price of fur coats even at a minimal level, and the new collection of fur coats winter 2011-2012 is in the shops. But before you go to choose a new furry beauty, we learn what we are advised to fashion designers - so fashion trends for winter 2011-2012 season coats, forward, in the studio.

Trendy winter coats 2012 - colour and prints
nice when there is a choice. But this season, the collection just hit us with bright colors, among which special attention is paid to the shades of cherry, burgundy, orange, purple, navy blue. In a fur coat you're definitely not stay unnoticed. For those who think that such an approach is too challenging, designers offer color to decorate only part of the coat, for example, part of the sleeve or hem. As always, will be relevant and natural shades, where the favorites will be the red fox and white fox. As for the prints, the imitation fur coats cat among the autumn-winter 2011-2012 to yield the palm to no one is going and it looks very strong and creative.

Trendy winter coats 2012 - Materials
Fur Fall-Winter 2011-2012 fashion did not become the exception, based on mink, fox, foxes, a company which suddenly burst into a beaver. Beaver coats are very soft, light and not get wet, which is very important to our slushy winters. Very interestingly, when these mechanisms are combined together in one product. Mink and beaver - just one of those "trendy" combination. 
Another relevant area - sheep in various versions of the candle. You can choose to Tuscany, and mutton, and Karakul - Fashion Fall-Winter 2012 graciously accept them, but if last year they hid inside the fur, then they are outside of this - and rightly, why hide the beauty of the fur.

Trendy winter coats 2012 - and the silhouettes of long
length classic coats of autumn-winter 2011-2012 to around the knee can be a little higher or lower.Coats on the floor for a long time are not relevant - albeit luxurious, but totally impractical.However, if you're driving, and this coat may seem long. In that case, fashion houses presented a lot of options are very beautiful fur coats shortened, which will be very comfortable, and decorated with their chic collars, wide sleeves, cuffs and even spectacular hoods. 
As for the silhouette, style coat, then in the autumn-winter 2011 - 2012 no special frills we do not observe. Fur classic rules, its outlines long-tested and approved by senior judges, that is, us buyers. The obvious advantage - this may be a fur coat fashion seasons, rather than one winter.

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