Tuesday, 17 January 2012

United Kingdom

Car Hire United Kingdom - The Best Way To Find Excellent British Food

With resurgence in locally produced food using car hire United Kingdom is the perfect way to experience some of the finest cuisine in Britain. With many local producers well off the beaten track a rental car is the most practical way of finding high quality organic produce. One of the best ways to taste regional specialties is to visit a Farmer’s Market which are held in most towns across the United Kingdom and where the local producers sell cheeses, meats and vegetables, all grown or reared within a short radius of the event.

Take a drive using car hire United Kingdom to towns synonymous with food production. Why not consider Stilton in Leicestershire, home of the famous cheese or Melton Mowbray where pork pies are made. Discovering a good restaurant or a pub with locally brewed beer is another pleasure of exploring the countryside in the United Kingdom.

Wales is an excellent place to try lamb, with some of the best coming from the salt marshes of the Gower Peninsula. With limited public transport an arrangement to use car hire United Kingdom is often the most practical way to get around. It is also invaluable when spending time on a self catering holiday when locally sourced food is a real delight to cook. One of the best types of food is freshly caught fish which is perfect grilled on a barbecue. Drive down to a local harbour and just wait for the boats to come in.

One of the best places to go is to Herefordshire and Worcestershire when the apple and pear harvests are being gathered in and there is fruit in most towns of some of the older varieties. Some is eaten, some cooked or preserved and a lot made into cider. Visiting the United Kingdom during a harvest is an excellent way to see the country at its best and to taste fresh traditional local food.

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