Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nicolas Steno 374th Birthday Google Doodle

Google Celebrated Nicolas Steno’s 374th Birthday with a cool Google doodle.Nicolas Steno was a popular geologist and His fundamental principles of geology are still routinely used to interpret sedimentary rock layers.
Google Generally celebrates Special days(generally birthday), and occasions with a customized homepage containing special logo or animation in it.Google Doodle is a way to pay tribute.
NB: Google does not Doodle for Sad Occasions like death of someone.

Nicolas Steno Google Doodle

Here is the screen-shot of today’s Doodle. Nicolas Steno is called the founder of  modern geology and in this today’s Google Doodle We can also see a layers of rock and soil. This denotes his work on fundamentals of geology.
Nicolas Steno Google Doodle on 374th Birthday
                                             Nicolas Steno Google Doodle Screenshot

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