Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I phone 5

Many fans and industry experts were hoping for in-house exhibition from Apple's WWDC, the presentation of the iPhone 5 - but in conclusion the presentation came up with the new MacBook and iOS 6
This fact has of course means that the rumors about the new Apple smartphone currently boiling over again formally. And now a designer to fit new 3D renderings released, which are so realistic that even some technology blogs have assumed that this is the real iPhone 5!
iPhone 5 2012
Source: / Martin uit Utrecht
Martin uit Utrecht, so is his username on the online photo-sharing site Flickr, is just named artist who has done with its 3-D renderings of the iPhone 5 which is even, round, the experts from the known technology blog Gizmodo and Macotakara on the nose to perform. The 3D models created by the designer with the program Rhinoceros 3D show, taking into account the current rumors, like iPhone 5 could look like. He has managed to make the look totally realistic 3D renderings.
Thus, Martin uit Utrecht not only showed aluminum back of the iPhone 5, but also focused on the correct positioning of the camera, speaker and volume control. Also found in the 3D models and the already announced smaller dock connector. No wonder that the designer fooled not only the well-known blogs, but it was also a heated discussion in the various technology forums has.
Since these 3D renderings, however, only unconfirmed rumors are based, and so far Apple has not yet officially confirmed, what will the iPhone 5 look like, it can be assumed that the models only remotely reflect the real iPhone 5 will be similar. Nevertheless, you have to let Martin uit Utrecht take the credit, that he has done with its near-perfect 3D works really good job. It remains to be seen how close his fantasy models at the end of the real iPhone 5 are the same.

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