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Bermuda triangle (Devil's The Devil’s Sea)

Bermuda triangle
Over the years I have always wondered what Bermuda triangle is all about and the mystery behind the disappearance of lot of planes and watercraft that have supposedly disappeared in in the area. My inquisitiveness was what prompted me to researched about this triangle of a thing and if there is any true fact of any recorded disappearance of planes, boat, ships, etc. 

I am going into detail of what Bermuda Triangle is all about, where the triangle is being locate on the map, recorded cases of vanished planes, ships, boat and others things in the area and other information they may be of help to better understanding the misery of the Bermuda Triangle.

What is Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a shaped like triangle with points in Bermuda, Miami and San Juan. Below is a clear view of what it looks like on the map.

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle (The Devil's Sea)

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle started in 1950 when a small article appeared outlining the strange disappearances of ships and planes. The area was given the name The Devil’s Sea. In a feature in 1964, Vincent Gaddis christened the area the Bermuda Triangle.

The sudden disappearance 
One of the most known disappearance happen in 1945. It was a squadron flight known as Flight 19 which was a group of five US Navy TBM Avenger bombers on a training mission. All five planes disappeared while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. Then there were two planes that was set out to rescue Flight 19 also disappeared in thin air and were never found. Other Naval ships such as the USS Cyclops and the Marine Sulpher Queen also disappeared without a trace.

Another disappearance was that of Donald Crowhurst, who was attempting an around the world voyage. Large ship carrying ore also mysteriously vanished after only three days at sea. An official statement by the US Coastguard states that repeated search attempts were made, but no traces were found of the missing planes or ships.

The expert
Experts are of the opinion that the number of airplanes and ships that have vanished in this region are same as in the other region. More over, this region is the most heavily traveled shipping lane and flight route in the world. It was said that this area is frequented by tropical storms.

Larry Kusche, a research librarian from Arizona State University pointed out to the fact that the claims of disappearances were exaggerated and unverifiable. His conclusions cast doubt on many of the disappearances. David Crowhurst’s diaries prove his mental state to be suicidal as he sailed around the world. An area of the sea off of Japan has the same strange magnetic elements as that of the Bermuda Triangle. Many disappearances have also occurred there.

Twins George and David Rothschild are among the first passengers to have experienced bizarre effects in the Bermuda Triangle. In 1952, when they were 19 years old, the two naval men had to make an emergency trip home on a navy light aircraft, north over the Florida Keys, to attend their father's funeral. "We had been flying for probably 20 or 30 minutes when all of a sudden the pilot yelled out that the instruments were dead and he became very frantic," says George Rothschild. He had lost his bearings, and not only did he not know where he was, he also had no idea how much gas was left in the fuel tanks. After what seemed like hours, they landed safely in Norfolk, on the Florida coast.

Personal opinion
The fact that there has been series of recorded disappearance of planes and ships when they pass through the area of the Triangle do not logically connote the triangle was the major reason behind each disappearance of planes and ships. No one was able to gather a real fact on how the disappearance was caused by the triangle but ideally one can sensibly argue that the disappearance maybe due to the stormy weather, plane engine malfunction which leads to plane crash inside the sea and ships capsizing by heavy sea waves or tornado. The above real life incident is enough to quench the mysterious happenings revolving round the devil's sea.

With all Kusche’s credible explanations of the disappearances of planes one mystery remains. None of the crashed planes were ever recovered. Mysterious as it may seem the Bermuda Triangle is one issue that may never be solved. Therefore It is certainly an area that would give cause for concern to anyone traveling across through the route.

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