Saturday, 24 September 2011

iPhone 5 Complete Review

iPhone 5
Name of the iPhone certainly is not foreign to us instead? Yes, Apple's smartphone output. Lately a lot of rumors about the launch of the latest version of the continuing success of the iPhone 4, which is likely to be named the iPhone 5. The news release is increasingly strong. An iP
hone in Italy website even says that the iPhone 5 will be released beginning in the United States on 5 September 2011 later.
iphone five
A blog that discusses technology Boy Genius Report says that Apple will work with AT & T in the marketing of the iPhone 5later. The blog also stated that Apple increased the number of employees at Apple Store to anticipate the demand for the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 Pictures
Of the many rumors circulating say that the iPhone will use that as chips used in computers, so the iPhone 5 could work faster. But there are also rumors saying that the iPhone will use near field communication chip technology (NFC). Still according to rumors also Praise be to iPhone 5 will have with 8 Mpx camera. The size of the resolution is certainly bigger than the previous resolution on the iPhone 4.
the iphone 5
Meanwhile, according to the Times Chine, iPhone 5 will wear 4 inch screen bees. This makes the iPhone screen is wider than iPhone 4 that uses only 3.5 inch screen. There are also rumors saying that the iPhone 5 dual core processor Apple will use the A5. The processors that offer computing speeds up to nine times that of Apple's A4, the processor first buried in the iPad 2.
iphone 5 2011
According to this source-Digi times, the iPhone is not as good as rumored at this time. There will not be a complete overhaul in the latest generationiPhone five later. There was little improvement when compared with the iPhone 4. This is similar to the iPhone 3G is no significant change from its predecessor, the iPhone 3G. Let's wait what will be famous like Tablet Best Cheap Android Honeycomb, when, where and what exactly the iPhone 5.

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